Pizzeria Mozza


On a recent trip down to Southern California I had the good fortune of dining at Nancy Silvertons Pizzeria Mozza with a few fabulous lady friends. The meal and the company were both stellar!!The evening started with complimentary Prosecco (and a fancy mock-tail for the mommy to be) and the night only got better from there. We shared all our items starting with a mixed salad, Burrata and meatballs followed by 3 pizzas and then dessert.

The salad was a fancy rendition of an Americanized Italian salad complete with salami and pepperoncinis, my least favorite of the starters but my companions seemed to enjoy it as there wasn’t a single leaf left on the plate. Next, the Burrata, you can not go wrong with Mozzarella filled with Mozzarella and cream, you just can’t. To top it all off, it was served with a basil pesto that rivaled some of the best I’ve ever had. The basil tasted as it they had grown it in their own garden and picked it earlier that day, it was bright and rich with a great ratio of acidity, it seriously was like a summer party in my mouth. I’ll be looking up the recipe in my copy of their cook book because it was without a doubt worth a repeat.





The meatballs were good, rivaling on A16’s but a little denser than I hap hoped for. The pizza was also really good, we ordered 3: Breakfast with bacon, egg and potato, then rapini with tomato pizza and finally a Romana pizza. All were very good, I’m a sucker for Neopolitan style pizzas and Nancy Silverton, a famed baker has got her signature dough down to a ‘T’.




By the time desert came around I was quite full and they sent out more than we had asked for. The top photo is the ‘roasted banana gelato pie’ with hot fudge and candied hazelnuts We also enjoyed the butterscotch budino (not pictured) and an assortment of sorbet (as seen above). It was a great meal and worth a stop next time I’m in So. Cal!

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