Domaine Christian Bellang, Meursault, France

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Burgundy, specifically Meursault, is tradition and pride (all in a good sense). This wine region has the highest of reputation for being the one that is best at reflecting its “terroir” and expressing the true beauty of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Yet, this same zealousness has also given it, a reputation for inconsistency. Christian Bellang has done, for me, the unthinkable (although we all wished it) he has created a style of Meursault that is consistent, clean, expressive and mineral driven, year after year.

After many generations (since 1789) of vineyard consolidation and tedious farm work, they find themselves with old vines (30 plus years on average) and exceptional sites. Christophe, the son, has taken over (1995) and brought precision and passion. His wines are expressive of the soil and the vintage. Higher acid in cooler years, riper fruit notes in warmer, all with the signature spice and limestone characters of Meursault while maintaining the classic style and body (avoiding the new world trends there).

Sous la velle

Bourgogne Sous La Velle

Bright, fresh and crisp. A wine many people would blind taste as Meursault just from its nose. This is Christophe’s Bourgogne Blanc. Sous La Velle is a lieu-dit in Meursault, as such it can be labeled Meursault but Christophe has decided to call it Bourgogne to avoid confusion. When tasting the wine the just ripe lemon and lime limestone character blend in with the baking spice. Not quite as rich in texture as Meursault but it's an exceptional substitute.


Spice, lemon curd, and limestone are the first things that jump out of the glass. This wine is vibrant and exciting, it offers everything you imagine Meursault should taste like and when you taste it! It kisses you with its delicate and profound aromas, ripe lemon, limestone, and fresh cool cellar character full of energy and elegance. It’s mouthfeel is medium in character (Napa Valley Chardonnay being full) with acidity giving structure.

Meursault Les Tillets

Mineral, rich and fat a powerful wine. The acidity is stern, but the soil jumps out in front. Full of spiced oak notes and aromas of wet rocks fruit is a secondary actor to the soil. Best enjoyed ten years from the vintage but if you’re in a hurry I’ve had some vintages at five years and the nutty notes start to show with hints of tarragon and lemon curd.

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